In English - Guidelines for using a private computer

These guidelines apply to you who have chosen to use a private laptop, instead of using a computer from Innlandet County autumn 2023.


The private computer must have specifications that satisfy the requirements of the educational program you are about to start. The school is helpful in checking that the computer meets the requirements.

You can not use tablets or Chromebooks. Linux cannot be used as an operating system.

Security requirements

Always keep your computer up to date with the latest security updates for your computer's operating system and applications. You can ask for guidance on how to do it.

Access to licenses and software

You get free access to necessary software, digital teaching aids and learning resources.

When you leave school, you must uninstall software that you have gained access to through Innlandet county, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

Using the computer

The use of the computer is regulated by this agreement and county regulations

If there is a suspicion of a breach of the agreement's requirements for security or a breach of information security, the school may refuse you to use the computer on the school's network.

Violation of the rules can lead to consequences. See the rules of order.

You are responsible for ensuring that the computer is in order. You must back up data stored on your own computer.

Maintenance, service and insurance

You are responsible for your own computer and must provide the necessary  maintenance yourself.

How to choose private laptop (in Norwegian)