In English - Agreement on laptop student PC

This agreement is for students wishing to use a laptop computer from Innlandet County.

You are given one opportunity only to have a  student computer provided to you by the county. You will not be able to change this contract at any other given time.

1. Parties

This contract is between Innlandet County ( 920717152) by the school of attendance, and the student who will be responsible for the computer.

2. The equipment that is covered in this contract

The computer contract includes the laptop pc with a charger. This will be described as a computer from now on in this contract.

A student starting High School for the first time and who will be in attendance for two or three years, depending on their line of study, receives an offer of a computer at the beginning of year one. Other students may receive offers from previous deliveries and stores. The school will decide which type of computer the student will receive an offer about.

Innlandet County owns the computer until they eventually collect it, see section 4.

3. Co-payment

You will pay a yearly fee for use of the computer for a maximum of 3 years.

The annual deductible corresponds to the lowest grant rate for annual, non-needs-tested equipment grants in the year the agreement is entered into. In case of non-payment, the claim is sent to debt collection.

  • If you receive a computer from this year's delivery, you must pay a user fee for three years.
  • If you get a computer from the previous year's purchase, you must pay a user fee for two years.
  • If you receive a computer from a delivery two years prior, you must pay a user fee for one year.

You must pay the full user fee, cf. the principles above, even if you choose to return the computer before the end of the contract period, unless this is due to you interrupting the training.

If you cancel your training after 1 October, you must pay a user fee for the current school year regardless of whether you wish to keep the equipment or not.

4. Right to take ownership of the computer

If you finish or cancel your schooling, you have the right to take over the computer in exchange for paying user fees described in section 3.

If you do not wish to take over the computer, you must return it to school. Upon graduation, unless otherwise agreed in writing, you must uninstall software that you have accessed through Innlandet County Municipality/ School.

5. Guarantee

There is a three-year warranty on the computer and charger provided. Computers from previous deliveries have a shorter warranty period. The school informs about the warranty period. You must contact the school immediately if there is anything wrong with your computer.

Repairs covered by the warranty do not imply a user fee for you.

6. Use of computer

The use of the computer is governed by this agreement and the rules of order for the upper secondary schools in Innlandet County Municipality.

In case of suspicion of breach of the agreement's requirements for security or breach of information security, the school may refuse you to use the computer in the school's network until the matter is dealt with. You must then enter into an agreement with the school for the loan of a laptop during this period.

Violations of the code of conduct may lead to consequences for mid/term and yearly marks (grades) in order and/or behavior and any other sanctions. See the rules of order (conduct).

You are responsible for the following:

  • that your computer is not being used by others
  • that the computer is in good condition so that it can be used in your educational program
  • to take your computer to your school's IT department for inspection and any repairs right away when there is something wrong with it.
  • Backing up data stored on your computer
  • Keeping your computer up to date with the latest security updates for your computer's operating system and applications
  • to uninstall software that you have accessed through Innlandet County Municipality/School when you leave school, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Type designations, factory numbers and the like that are for identification of the computer equipment must not be removed.

Managing your computer:

  • Never lift the computer by the screen. When opening the computer, make sure that the screen does not bend back too far so that it breaks against the hinges.
  • When you close your computer, make sure there's nothing between your monitor and keyboard.
  • Remove the charger before placing the computer in a bag/backpack.
  • You will store and transport your computer in an appropriate bag. This also applies when moving between classrooms/ workshops.  Make sure there are no other items in the bag that could damage your computer.
  • Make sure that the computer is safely positioned when charging. The charger must not be covered when charging – it is important to avoid overheating.
  • Do not store drinks on the same table/desk as your computer.
  • Do not use the computer in bed. It causes a lot of dust  to get inside the machine. It increases the risk of fire, and makes it warm and works slower.

7. Theft and damage

You must handle the equipment carefully and are responsible for ensuring that you do not expose it to theft, risk of shock or other hazard.

The computer is insured against accidents and theft through Innlandet County Municipality's insurance plan. You must pay a user fee per insurance case of NOK 500.

There is a  limited amount of insurance cases you can have. The school provides further information about this.

If your computer is stolen or lost, notify the school right away.

You must report the theft to the police yourself and submit a copy of the report to the school. Norwegian general substitution rules apply to the use and processing of your computer. If the damage is due to negligence in your home and is therefore not covered by the insurance scheme, you are financially responsible for repair costs.

Keep your computer in a locked cabinet or supervised when not in use.

Theft, loss or damage not covered by the insurance does not exempt you from payment of the annual deductible as described in section 3.

8. Dispute provisions

All disputes arising in connection with this Agreement shall be settled in accordance with Norwegian law.

9. Changes

Any changes to this agreement are valid and binding only if the changes are in writing and signed by all parties.

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